Joint replacement hospital in Pune and Joint replacement hospital in India. Approximately five million joint replacement operations are done each year worldwide. Although most people who undergo this type of surgery are over the age of 65, but about

Joint/Knee replacement hospital in Pune. Hip and Knee Replacement hospital in Pune.People suffering from severe pain and disability seek advice of the specialist. Firstly the patient is treated with pain killers and physiotherapy. When these measur

Are you planning to do joint replacement treatment in Pune or Best Joint replacement treatment hospital in India. After your decision to go in for a joint replacement you should be aware of the basic things to be done before surgery. Such as –Suita

Looking for best hair transplant clinic in Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune.The percentage of men and women, who suffer from hair loss has increased over last decade as more number of patients are seeking help from hair transplant surgeons. There are lot

Looking for best Nose surgery hospital in Pimpri-Chinchwad & Pune. Surgery to reshape the nose is a very common plastic surgery procedure and it can both increase or decrease the size of nose. The shape of the tip, the bridge and also the nostrils

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Best orthopedic doctor in PCMC. Best orthopedic Surgeon in PCMC. Dr Sushil Kulkarni ( Brahm Chaitanya Superspeciality Hospital ) provides arthroscopy services for knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and ankle joints. These include instability repair fo

Looking for laparoscopy/breast/hernia surgery hospital or Top laparoscopy/breast/hernia surgery hospital. Invention of Laparoscopy revolutionarised abdominal operations. It offered great comfort to the patient reducing scar, pain and overall hospita

Looking for best cancer hospital/center/clinic in Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune.Changing lifestyles, pollution, addictions have caused exponential increase in the incidence of Cancer. While no. 1 killer like Cancer of cervix has declined others like br